Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Silly Boy

A couple of days ago we were all eating supper. Jon and I were talking about various things and for the most part the kids were just listening and eating.
I mentioned that I couldn't ever have a cleaning lady because I enjoyed most of the housework. It was just a couple of things like cleaning the tub and vacuuming. So it would seem silly to have someone come over for those two things and nothing else. I then listed a few that were actually enjoyable to do.
Dominic pipes in with this serious observation -
"I like to vacuum, eat and draw."
Then he, just as seriously, returned to eating.
Jon and I couldn't help it. We busted up laughing. I doubt he ever realized why we were laughing.
I am so going to add eating to my chore list. It will be a new favorite. =)

Today Dominic gets into the car with a very red cheek. He did his crazy dance* and then proceeded to tell me about his TERRIBLE day.
It went something like this -
He hit his cheek on something while waiting on me to pick him up.
His friend accidentally hit him in the mouth with a tennis racket.
He smashed his finger on something.
Something else that involved a tennis ball and some pain.
He got confused about where to put something and got in trouble for it.
His friend ratted him out about something he swears he didn't do.
I didn't come to hot lunch. (I have only come one time and haven't since. It's during Caitlin's gymnastics and he ignored me the 1st time so I wasn't sure he even noticed. =) )
One of his classmates threw away something that was on his desk. He, for some reason, wasn't able to retrieve it.
I listened and we talked about his day. I tried to bring home the point of what tattling felt from the other end since he's usually the one doing the ratting out. I'm pretty sure it sailed right over his head, because he kept mentioning how terrible his day was.
We get out of the car and the poor guy trips and falls almost on his face. He goes to the mailbox to check the mail and the mailbox door falls and hits him in the head.
I felt so sorry for the poor kid that I let him eat a piece of his Valentine candy.
He has a book about a boy having a terrible, rotten, no-good day.
I think today qualifies. Since chocolate always makes my day a bit brighter I thought I'd see if candy would work for him. His day has gotten considerably brighter. =)

*I thought I'd blogged about this so was going to put a link to my post. But in looking for it I realized I've never described his craziness when he gets into the car.
Each day that I pick him up he gets into the car with as much noise as possible. He then proceeds to attack something - the window, the seat, his sister. This is accompanied by loud and often strange noises. He will then do all sorts of weird gyrations while he talks very loudly. I will pull out of the way of the next parent and wait for him to put his seat belt on. Usually he tries to do this with his backpack on. Which requires him to put it on since he gets into the car holding it. After as long as 10 minutes, during which we've moved out of the car line up and are now sitting in the parking lot, we are capable of driving and I've calmed him down enough to actually hear what he's trying to tell me. He's a wild and crazy little boy!

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Beth-Anne said...

Today in class we had an assignment to write about a terrible day (fiction or non-fiction) and today as he was waiting he was retelling me his fiction terrible day story...I guess he could have written a non-fiction one tomorrow. =)