Sunday, February 19, 2012

Shaving Heads

This February was the annual Scholastic Book Fair at Dominic's school. Now if you know me at all or have read even a couple of my blog posts, you will know how much I love (adore, obsess, drool, etc) anything book related.
Every year the teachers come up with a crazy idea to convince the children parents to spend more money at the book fair. Every dollar spent benefits the school with money and books for the library. So it's a win-win. Last year we duct taped Dominic's teacher to a wall. This year the principle decided to take ideas from the students. They chose him getting a Mohawk if we raised a certain amount of money.
Because of several different things our budget wasn't as big this year. After some sighs and mutterings from me, I accepted the fact and moved on. 
Then on Friday as I was picking up Dominic (and some girls I was babysitting) I realized I was the last parent to pick up kids. I asked the principle if we had met our goal. He gleefully told me we were short. I asked how much and ran out to the car to place a call to my dear husband to ask if we could please, please swing just a bit more. We wouldn't want to disappoint the children, would we?!
I wish I could have captured the look on his face when I walked back in the door with my checkbook. =)
So today was the head shaving party. It was snowing so there weren't as many people as last year, but it was enough to give the principle a nice Mohawk.

Notice his cape? It's Dominic's child size. 
The principle is over 6 feet tall. Very cute. =)
 My husband got the honor of clipping.
 Apparently it was decided not to shave his head, just cut it super short.
He IS the principle of our school after all. =)
 The kids LOVED this.
 We have the best teachers at our school. Not many teachers/principles have this level of dedication and love for their school and students. The parents are as in love with them as the students are.
So thankful to be blessed with the Whites at Algood Christian.
Aren't they the cutest couple - even if one of them does have a Mohawk?! =)

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Anonymous said...

So great that he tries to be the students pal instead of being the law all the time. Great time.