Thursday, March 17, 2011

Duct Taping Party

About a month ago our school had a scholastic book fair. Mrs. Beth-Anne said that if the school met the goal that she would have a party and allow the kids to duct tape her to a wall.
So you know the parents spent a ton on books so we could see this happen. =)

Last Sunday was also Adventurers. So the party was combined with Adventurers and Caitlin and I joined Jon and Dominic.

They had all of the children line up so that they would each get a turn with the duct tape.
As you can see the adults joined in.
 Dominic was so afraid that someone would get ahead of him in line that he was basically hugging his little friend.
Thankfully she didn't seem to mind.
I noticed later that he'd let Caitlin in front of him in line, so all hope isn't lost. =)
Caitlin found a dandelion while waiting. She didn't realize that it was turning her nose yellow.
 Once the duct tape was all on Matthew (Beth-Anne's husband) pulled out the chair and she hung there.
The kids then had to get their picture with her.
Then came the fun part of getting her down. I was so afraid that she'd get some of the tape off and pitch forward. Matthew stood in front of her and held her while Jon cut the tape off.
Still taped up, but down.
Mrs. Beth-Anne is the best teacher. I'm so impressed that she was willing to do this for the kids.
And so very thankful that Dominic will have her for a teacher next year.
After the party we went out to eat with the Whites and Riddles. 
It was a great ending to a very fun day.

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Jo Abair said...

Will Dominic be in kindergarten? Is he going to a church school? Somehow I thought he was reading though already... did I read that here? I dont read many blogs...