Thursday, March 17, 2011


I had punished Dominic for being disrespectful. He was going to miss all or part of his tv during quiet time. If he changed his attitude he could still watch some, but if he didn't he had to find something else to do.
I heard him in his room cleaning (his room has to be clean before watching any tv). He was talking to himself and I caught part of the conversation.
"Maybe if you give her a valentine and say you love her and kiss her that she'll change her mind." 
Yea, I think that will work great. Thanks for telling me."

Then as he was leaving the room -
"Don't forget to tell her."

He then proceeded to come into the living room and hug and kiss on me.
"Mom, I have a wonderful surprise for you since I love you so much.
It's a valentine that tells you how special you are.
Isn't that sweet of me?"

Oh my word!

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