Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lost camera

I have once again "lost" a camera. This will be the 4th digital camera that we've purchased.
One was broken by a baby boy I know, one was stolen, but I have no idea what happened to this last one.
We've ordered another one, but until it gets here I'm left frustrated that I can't take pictures.
I've missed out on Dominic washing dishes, Caitlin helping me dust, the kids playing together, Caitlin's chocolate face at the birthday party we went to today and many others.
So tonight after a rather cute photo op Jon pulled out the video camera and took a few pictures for me.

Caitlin found these rain boots at the consignment sale we went to today.
 She sat down and put them on right away. She then brought me her shoes and put them in my purse.
When we got home she decided to add her umbrella to the look.
Not sure why she's missing her pants.
Dominic didn't want to be left out of these pictures.
I have no idea what his fascination with underwear is.
But apparently he's still in love with them - just not on the right body part.

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Jena said...

These are the best memories (and pictures). They will hate them, but you will always love them (the kids and the pics).