Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Should I be scared? Dominic's "men".
The 1st man he made in Little Lambs to show the body and how it worked. It's the size of his body.
The 2nd man is a copy of the "muffin top" man he made at the museum last week. It came in three pieces, but I couldn't find the pants.
It rained on Monday and the temps were in the 50s. Too cold for me to play in the rain, but apparently not for the kids. They came in freezing and muddy, but they had so much fun.
Dominic was wearing a winter coat with his crocs and shorts.
Caitlin had on her pjs and sandals.
I threw them in the tub to warm them up.
Caitlin had to go potty after getting out of the tub. 
She said she was cold.
At the children's museum.
I was cleaning the kitchen after lunch. Caitlin was still working on her meal.
I heard her talking, but couldn't figure out what she was saying.
She had slid off of her chair and was quietly calling for help.
When I didn't come right away, I guess she decided to finish her lunch from there.

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emily said...

your kiddos are adorable!
and isn't it crazy how kids will play outside in any weather? my kids will play outside in the freezing weather for hours...all while i'm sitting there hating every minute of it cause i'm so cold!

thanks for commenting on my blog! i appreciate the prayers too :) thank you thank you thank you!