Sunday, March 20, 2011


Friday was gorgeous weather.
We spent most of it outside playing. 
I didn't get very much accomplished, but it was so worth it.
I brought out some lawn chairs so I could watch the kids playing in the front yard.
These chairs are super old and the back is starting to fall apart. So it makes it very scratchy.
I pulled the blanket out of the trunk. The kids wanted to copy me.
So they both ran into their rooms and returned with blankets from their beds.
Dominic is laughing because he's in my chair. I guess stealing Mom's chair is very funny.
It wasn't so funny when his own chair was stolen.
This picture was taken right before he noticed and started a fight with Caitlin.
When Jon got home we headed to Lowes to pick up some things.
The kids were so cute holding his hands.
What you can't see is that both of them are trying to swing, which is about to pull Jon's arms off.
He's an amazing dad!
I took this picture of Dominic because his face was so dirty you could see the tear tracks on his face.
He had gotten upset about something earlier and I noticed his dirty face.
Caitlin wanted her picture taken as well so posed and asked me to take one.

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