Saturday, March 12, 2011


On the way home this week after playing with some friends (all but one were his age) Dominic and I had this conversation.

"Mom, I had so much fun with those girls. I loved them so much that I wanted to kiss them. But I don't kiss girls so I didn't."
"Why don't you kiss girls?"
"Because girls are slimy. When I kiss Caitlin it's a juicy kiss. And that's yucky. So I only kiss grown up girls like you. You aren't slimy."

Now if he would only continue this thought through high school I'd be thankful.

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Jena said...

A mom can hope, can't she? I only wish my boys wouldn't be interested in girls either until later, much, much later. (Lee is 12 and Champ is 10 and so far so good, but who knows about tomorrow?)