Saturday, March 12, 2011


My poor babies are sick.
Last week Caitlin got a small cold. It didn't seem very bad, but her asthma made it seem worse. By Saturday (of last week) she was running a low grade fever and so I stayed home from church with her.
After her nap she was extremely hot and her temp was 104.8. We gave her Tylenol and it helped.
Sunday she was back to normal except the cold was still lingering.
Wednesday she cried about her ear after waking up, but I thought it was from her sleeping on it.
Thursday (after spending the day with the Coffee Girls) she started showing signs of an ear ache so I made her a doctor appt.
Caitlin (and most likely Dominic) has RSV. From what I could gather it's a viral infection that has symptoms of a cold. It can also have a fever and ear infections.
Caitlin has an ear infection in both ears.
Dominic had the same cold and it's turned into a cough.
Most people just assume that they have a cold or allergies and never find out any different.
But small children are more likely to have other symptoms.
So we are all home from church today to keep from infecting everyone.
This RSV stuff is supposedly highly contagious.

Now don't go quoting me on this. I was at the doctor with a crying little girl (she was rather peeved at having a stick stuck up her nose) and a very noisy little boy.
So I only caught parts of what that poor doctor was trying to tell me.
But I caught the highly contagious part so we are stuck at home until tomorrow when the doc told me we wouldn't be contagious anymore.

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Amanda from Faith, Food and Family said...

I'm sorry that they are sick. :( Hope everyone gets better soon!