Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

We had a really fun St. Patrick's Day.

I'm enjoying having kids. It give me an excuse to celebrate every little holiday and moment. =)

For breakfast we had green oatmeal. Caitlin loved it. Dominic did after he was assured that the color didn't change the taste at all.
We then went to Jumpville and met a friend.
She came back to the house so we could talk and Dominic could play with his little friend in the yard.
The weather was beautiful and he spent most of it riding his bike.
Our green food for lunch was grapes.

For supper we had pizza pockets, but I made green banana bread.
Then we headed over to 32 Degrees for some green frozen yogurt. 
Dominic changed his mind and had chocolate.

We wore green so we could get our discount.
You might notice the outfit changes in the pictures - Dominic ended up wearing three different outfits. 
Guess that's a sign of a fun day.
Caitlin being dainty and wiping her mouth.
Dominic needing to. =)


richies said...

That's a lot of green food. Looks like you had a fun day

An Arkies Musings

Jo Abair said...

Limit for me woulda been the green oatmeal. I cant actually think about "green oatmeal" long, I have to QUICK change the subject in my head! However the green banana bread, I would have been happy to eat.