Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Birthday and other things.

My birthday was fun and full of family things.

On Friday night we had swedish pancakes. It's a slightly changed version of a recipe that a friend gave me several years ago. Jon thinks he could eat this every night and not get tired of it.
The kids happen to like it as well.
Friday night Jon and the kids gave me my presents.
Dominic picked this out. The flowers are white and then turn green. (I think.)
I'll blog about Jon's present here.

On Sabbath morning we went to Sabbath school. It was 13th Sabbath and I noticed something while Dominic's class was standing in line waiting to go up and sing.
He really likes Kelsey. =)
The kids did their songs up front and we left.
We headed to Murfeesboro to the Children's museum.
We had intended to come home and have lunch before heading out. But Sabbath school ended earlier than we had planned and we weren't hungry. So we packed a quick picnic and headed out.
We got about an hour down the road and I was dying of hunger. The kids were already snacking. So we stopped in a parking lot and ate our lunch.
My birthday cake!
It still tasted wonderful. =)
The kids ate theirs out of a cup.
We had tons of fun at the museum.
This plane had working rudders, stick, instrument panels, etc.
The kids loved it.
This little backhoe was super hard to maneuver. I know-I tried it.
Caitlin talking on the phone while driving.
We stayed until almost closing time and then headed home.
We stopped at the Olive Garden for my birthday meal.

This is Dominic checking to see if he can hear the ocean in his cheesy shells.
Goofy boy! After he asked us if he could hear the ocean he started laughing.
"Just joking, mom."

It was a wonderful birthday. It didn't go as planned. But I've noticed that plans rarely happen with kids. And most of the time it changes for the better.

I'm thankful for another year of life and for the most wonderful and amazing family!

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