Monday, February 6, 2012

Blue Skies and Red Boots

The weather has been very un-winter like lately. So Caitlin and I spent some time outside playing.
I went into a consignment store looking for pants for Dominic, since he can't seem to stop growing.
Caitlin took one look at a pair of red boots and fell in love. She picked them up and hugged them to her chest.
"Mommy, can I have these boots? I won't need anything else. 
You don't have to buy me ANYTHING if you will just buy me these boots."
They were the next size up so I said okay.
She wouldn't put them down and every time I would pick something up to look at it she would say
"You don't need to get me that. I have my boots!"
As soon as I'd paid for them she sat down and put them on. She then wore them for the next few days straight, including during bedtime. Much to her distress Jon left them at someone's house (one of the amazing friends who volunteered to watch her) while I was at the hospital. So I'll have to go on a rescue mission this week.


Sharon said...

I call those her Ronald McDonald boots - you need to invest in some yellow shoestrings :)

Jo Abair said...

Why were you at the hospital? the boots are so cute! she chooses her clothes like my daughter does. sometimes her daddy looks at her funny, like what in the world...oh nevermind she makes it cute! She really does too, stuff normal kids cannot pull off.

Tima Murrell said...

Jo - I was at the hospital because of my mom. I've posted info and updates, but the short answer is she had surgery for breast cancer.