Saturday, January 28, 2012

Parental pride

There are several things that I've been meaning to post about Dominic.
He's doing so well in school. And he absolutely loves it. 
Our little school made the paper several times. The last time was when they won an award for Superior float or something like that. So we had to take the kids down to the Chamber to get their picture taken. Not all of the kids were able to make it because of the short notice, but the ones that came were so cute.

Today the younger grades got up front in church and read what they had written about why their class was awesome. Then at the end each one said "Welcome to the Amazing Classroom!" There was a picture of them and the words to their little speech on the screen. It was adorable.
Here is what Dominic said -

On Fridays we do lots of fun stuff with lots and lots of people.
They come in to do different activities with us. 
Sometimes we do yummy activities.
They bring lots of stuff.
One time we got to color with crayons when we learned about the primary colors.
Welcome to the Amazing Classroom!

He actually read each word. I was a little curious to see if he knew each word or had it all memorized, so Jon and I quizzed him. Seems he knows each word. I'm sure memorization plays a small part, but he read other words that weren't on the paper. This kid never ceases to amaze me.
Last night and this morning I passed by Dominic's room to see him playing on his "laptop". He's rather creative and has pulled his sister into it as well. He even made his own mouse.
Just a random picture I thought was cute.
It doesn't really fit into the whole My kid is smart! bit, but I thought I'd add it. =)
He got a couple of Caitlin's hair clips and put them on his puppy.

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