Monday, January 16, 2012

NOT sleepy

A couple of days ago when I picked Caitlin up from gymnastics her teacher told me that Caitlin had been having a bad morning. She was crying about insignificant things. She continued to act tired and when we got home after lunch I asked her if she wanted a nap. She rarely takes them now. But I thought she might be tired enough to go for it.
Her response - "I'm NOT sleepy!"
So I didn't push it. I told her to go into the library to get some books and I would read to her. I sat down at the computer to wait (since sometimes she takes a while to make a decision). After about 10 minutes I decided to check on her since it was very, very quiet.
I didn't find her in the library. I found her in her bedroom - UNDER the bed. She was sound asleep.
I left her there until it was time to get Dominic from school. When I tried to pull her out I bumped her head and pulled her pants half off. Baby girl is getting a bit too big to fit under the bed.
Strangely enough she didn't wake up. She slept through my putting her in the car seat, slept through her energetic brother bouncing into the car and continued to sleep when I carried her back into the house and put her in her bed. She woke up about 45 minutes later a very happy little girl.

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