Friday, February 6, 2015

Racing Heart

You know those times that you're sure you've done something and yet it isn't finished? 
Well I was quite sure I'd written about Dominic and the racing heart. But when I was writing another blog post and referred to it, I thought I'd check and make sure so you'd know what I was talking about. No such blog post exists. So here it is. =)

Recently I was talking to Jon about a new author I'd just reviewed and how much I liked her book. Dominic heard me describing the plot and begged to read the book. It was about a spy and he'd just finished several books on spies. He was positive he'd love the story. Since it was Christian suspense I knew it would be clean, but wasn't sure about how much suspense he could handle.

He LOVED the book. There were a couple of times he had to ask me a question about something, but for the most part he just enjoyed the story. One of those questions has lead to a whole amusing side thing.

He had read a paragraph where a woman mentions some things that she's not really liking about a guy. It went something like this - "He's arrogant, bossy, and he makes my heart race."

It was the female protagonist who was reluctantly falling in love with the male spy.
Dominic asked me what that meant - making someone's heart race.

I wasn't really sure how to respond. So I looked at Jon and batted my eyes at him and told Dominic
"Daddy makes my heart race."

Dominic gagged. =) 

So now whenever we want him to leave so we can talk about something we say "We're getting ready to make our hearts race."

He clears the room so quickly you'd think it was on fire.


One morning I was waking up the kids. Dominic wouldn't wake up so I kept kissing him on the nose. In a very disgruntled voice he mutters "You DO NOT make my heart race."

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