Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Trucks and history

Jon has been wanting a full size truck for quite some time. But with our business picking up, it was becoming a necessity. He found one that he wanted, but it was in Maryland. So we came up with the brilliant idea to take the kids to D.C. We'd make a trip of it around fall break and then if we liked the truck we'd buy it, but it wouldn't be a wasted trip if we didn't end up purchasing it.

We packed an incredible amount in a very short time. I think we walked our legs off. But it was a wonderful experience to show the kids so much history.

They enjoyed looking up at the Washington Monument and then getting dizzy.
I have the sweetest kids. They were pretty tired from walking by this point. So we stopped for a rest/photo break.

Somebody got locked in a head trap.
Both Jon and I have family members who are on this wall. It was a beautiful, but sobering moment to show our kids their ancestors and explain why they were on that wall.
Since the 3 of us were all born in NC we had to get a picture.
We had just finished watching the food truck race on Netflix and the kids were enthralled with food trucks. They were so excited to be able to eat from one. But the glamour quickly wore off when none of the food appealed and they realized they'd have to eat it standing up in the cold weather. So they settled for a picture.
We didn't end up buying the truck, but had so much fun that we've talked about doing the trip again.

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