Sunday, September 11, 2011


Dominic asks tons of questions about everything. So when he started asking about marriage we explained to him that you married someone when you loved them so much that you wanted to spend the rest of your life with them. Dominic has always enjoyed spending time with older kids. He has also always liked the girls. So in NC he had a girl that he really liked and told us he was going to marry. 
He was three and she was nine.
When we moved here he changed his mind and then it was K. She's just a few months older than him. It stayed that way for a year and then he started school. And he met J.
The first week of school Dominic gets into the car after school and informs me that he's marrying J. I'm not the type to tease my child about "girlfriends" or make a big deal. So I asked him what he liked about her and we talked for a while. I left it at that. But last week Ms. Beth-Anne asked me if I knew that Dominic had announced to the whole class that he was going to marry J. Since she was there when he said it she is apparently now aware of his intentions. =)
He was also bemoaning the fact that a friend told him he couldn't marry her because she's seven and he's five. So Jon assured him that sometimes men married older women. He was happy again. =)
Then on Friday evening I received an email from his teacher. Here is what she said -

So, today during Sabbath celebration at the end we say something we like about the person sitting to our right/left (I pick which side) and Dominic happened to be sitting next to J. and it was his turn and he said that he liked her because she was his friend and he was going to marry her! I didn't laugh but I did smile and before I could even say anything A. piped up and said, "But I wanted to marry her!" So then I said they were too young to think about that and A. said, "No, I'll marry M." (J's sister) haha! So I guess Dominic won his girl. I thought you would find it funny--although Dominic may already have told you.

Dominic hadn't told me. But as we were leaving the school he was complaining that he missed J. 
"Dominic, was she home sick today." Thinking that's why he was missing her.
"No, you picked me up before her mom picked her up and I could have spent more time with her if you came later to pick me up."
"Mom, can she be my sister and come home to live with us so I could be with her forever?"
"Dominic, you aren't going to live with Caitlin forever. Someday you'll grow up and leave home."
"Oh! I guess I'll just marry J. then."

So yesterday we had church at Standing Stone again and I was able to watch Dominic and J interact. It was so precious. She doesn't seem to mind her little shadow and they did everything together.
I will never tease him or embarrass him about the girls, but oh my word! It's this precious?!

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Brent Buttler said...

Ahh to be young and in love.