Sunday, September 18, 2011

Random bits

This morning Caitlin came and got in bed with me. 
"Mommy, I need to eat breakfast. It's been a long time since I've eaten a breakfast."
"Yes, I guess it has been."

Dominic received his gifts from selling the smart cards. (Thank you to everyone who helped him out.) He was so excited and started playing with everything. Then he disappeared. After a few minutes I hear this anguished crying. I go into Caitlin's room to find a very distressed little boy stuck under her toddler bed. Jon made the bed and it is super heavy so once under there he couldn't lift it up to get out. When I asked him what he was doing he said he wanted to try out his flashlight and couldn't find a dark enough place.

This morning the kids and I were talking on facetime with Jon. (He is in Kansas for his grandpa's funeral.) Dominic was being goofy and pulling the ipod really close to his face. Jon made the comment that he could almost see Dominic's boogers after the close view of his nose. Next thing I know, Caitlin has pulled one out of her nose to show Jon. EEEWWW! Jon, of course, thought it was funny.

Jon and I have fought with Dominic every day to keep his room clean and do his chores. Nothing was working. So we borrowed an idea from his teacher. Ms. Beth-Anne gives the children pennies every day. If they misbehave they will lose a penny. On Friday they go to the little store she has in the classroom and spend their money. Every Friday Dominic gets into the car so excited to show me what he's purchased with his money.
So we went to the store with Dominic and picked out some things for our own store. Then we give him part of his allowance each night if his room is clean and his chores finished when he's is ready for bed. We haven't had one fight and his room has been clean for three weeks now.
He has a large bank, but didn't want to use that. So I found the cutest little car bank that he could paint and put stickers on. And so far he's chosen to save his money because he wants one of the more expensive items in the store.
Caitlin wanted to wear a certain skirt the other morning. It was chilly and not supposed to get out of the 60s. So I told her she had to wear tights with it. She chose everything herself. I thought it was the cutest look and she got compliments all day on her outfit. Guess she's going to have a better sense of style than Dominic.
Caitlin in Sabbath school.
Speaking of fashion sense. I was pulling this dress out of the closet to put in the outgrown box. Caitlin asked to wear it to church yesterday. It's a size 18 months. I couldn't believe she was actually able to get it on. And it was SO short. But she was happy and I doubt anyone noticed. From now on I'll put things in that box when she isn't looking.

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Torry said...

LOVE the picture of Caitlin. She's so cute!