Tuesday, September 27, 2011

1st field trip

Dominic had his first field trip on Thursday. He was so excited. Caitlin and I went with him. The school doesn't have a bus yet some of us parents volunteer to drive and chaperon.

We went to Autumn Acres - a little farm about 20 minutes away.
First the kids listened to a presentation on farming.
Then we went through a corn maze looking for clues.
Ms. Beth-Anne is helping Dominic with his clue.
Our group chose one of the shorter mazes so we had some time to play while we waited on the other groups. Caitlin kept finding people to jump with her. Apparently Mom wasn't as good.
Next stop was the tractor ride out to the pumpkin field.
No idea what is going on with Caitlin's hair.
It was Mr. White's birthday so we all got cup cakes.
I think the favorite of the entire field trip was this barn filled with corn and toys.
It was also the worst. The kids are still (almost a week later) suffering from the allergies that all of the dust brought on. But I think they would say it was worth it.

These kids were filthy and tired - the signs of a good time.

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Sharon said...

Looks like fun! RJ's class went to Amazin' Acres last year, I hope his new school goes somewhere like that.