Thursday, September 15, 2011

My head is sideways

Today I kept forgetting that I was driving a different car than I've driven for the past two weeks plus. So I pulled into the wrong side of the carport and then forgot to help Dominic with his seat belt (it's harder in the Accord). As I was getting out of the car Dominic informed me that it must be because my head was sideways.
"Well today my head was sideways so I had to give Ms. Beth-Anne a penny."
(He gets or loses pennies depending on behavior at school and then spends them at the store on Friday. More on that later.)
When I questioned him more it seems that he was doing something and Beth-Anne asked him to stop because it was disruptive to the class.
"But mom, my head was sideways and I forgot to obey her so I had to give her a penny."
So now I've finally figured out what my problem has been.
My head is sideways!

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