Monday, April 9, 2012

Change of Plans

Last weekend our church planned a camping trip to Fall Creek Falls, including the church service there that morning.
The weather forecast called for rain so we chose to just drive up that morning. But someone forgot to set the alarm and we didn't wake up in time to make the drive down. So we re-figured and decided to have a family day.
When I'd had the kids pick out their clothes the day before, they chose to wear their Thailand shirts.
Caitlin just happened to be wearing a hat that my friend sent from Thailand several years ago. It doesn't really fit anymore, but she wore it all morning.
After breakfast and the impromptu photo shoot we headed to Burgess Falls. It's much closer and we hadn't been since last fall.
 We stopped at the playground for a few minutes.
 I'm thankful my kids don't mind the camera in their face all of the time.
 Dominic flopped down on his stomach and Caitlin followed. Baby girl copies everything her brother does - much to his despair at times.
 I have NO idea what she's doing.
 Caitlin found this tiny snail. He wasn't the least bit afraid of me.
 The kids are super curious and checked out everything.
It was a bit disappointing at first that we missed the church camp-out. But the day went so well. It was nice to see the kids noticing nature and to spend some quality time with each other. It ended up being a blessing in disguise.

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