Friday, April 27, 2012

Marissa Mouse

Today when I picked up Dominic from school I looked back to make sure he'd put on his seat belt and had a small panic attack. Somehow he'd gotten a hold of Templeton, Marissa's mouse. In a very panicky voice, I asked Dominic where he'd gotten Marissa's mouse.
And then he explained. Mrs. Beth-Anne had given it to him. Her dad had sent mice, exactly like Marissa's Templeton, to each of the kids in the school. I didn't really get the full story until I read Beth-Anne's blog this afternoon. They each came with a Bible verse that Marissa had chosen sometime this year.
I cried. How beautiful.
Dominic's class

He's kept an eye on it all afternoon. In fact, he tried to bring it to the table at supper. Thankfully we've all heard the story about Marissa not being allowed to bring her "rodent" to the table. =) So he didn't complain when Jon put it on the couch to wait on us. He's now sleeping with it.

Marissa mouse taking a ride on the soccer ball.
It's beautiful how God looks out for his children. Even though we've all suffered a devastating loss and are still grieving, it's wonderful to be a part of this huge, amazing family. Our church and the hundreds of people connected to us have each brought us comfort in so many glorious ways.
Thank you Mr. Ted!!!

All photos in this post are courtesy of Beth-Anne White.

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Beth-Anne said...

Thank you for sharing your story =) I'm so thankful for God's love and that these little mice were a part of that.