Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fall Creek Falls

Right after we missed the church camp out we got a call from my aunt and uncle. They wanted to know if we were still up for camping at Fall Creek Falls that next weekend. 
Since we planned on being gone for the weekend and Jon was off on Friday, I chose to do the Easter baskets and egg hunt on Friday morning.

The anticipation was killing them. They couldn't stand still for more than one picture before they took off to look for eggs.
Discovering new eggs.
With their egg loot and Easter baskets. The stuffed animals were the biggest hit.
 Setting up camp.
 Remember my saying that the stuffed animals were a hit? Apparently an angry bird is made to be thrown up and at everything.
 Taking a break on our hike.
 Caitlin kept convincing people to carry her.
A perfect ledge to stand on.
 Overlook for one of the falls.
  Jon set up his hammock and Dominic commandeered it.
Checking the map to see where we are.
After our longer hike around Fall Creek Falls
We had so much fun. The weather was beautiful, although a tad cold at night.
As usual, the kids enjoyed being out in nature and are asking when we can go camping again.


Anonymous said...

Hey, next time you go camping with some of our favorite people, invite us too! We would enjoy being with all of you! Connie

Tima Murrell said...

Connie - We'll definitely let you know when we go next time.