Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Last School Presentation

Dominic had one more school presentation before school gets out.
They had one fiction story, one non-fiction and one poem.
His fiction story had something to do with nijas fighting with toothbrushes. This is apparently very funny to boys. In fact, only one boy did not write a nija story. His story was about a farting dog. =) The girls in the other hand, had sweet stories about horses, ice cream and friends.

His book is illustrated.

 I have no idea what his poem means, but he thought it was funny. I'm still trying to decide whether I should be weirded out by his jungle fungle. =)
Have a fungle
Have some fun
or a mun
See a Monkey
or a bunch
Have some fun
end of lunch.  
There was a sad moment to the presentation. Beth-Anne (the teacher) had laminated Marissa's books and poem and read them to the class in her place. The stories were so good and showed a bit of her sweet spirit and intelligence. I seriously doubt there was a dry eye in the room.
 My mom had come over to pick up some strawberries and stayed for Dominic's presentation. Dominic made sure she had a seat beside him and kept hugging her. Since we usually have to steal our hugs, she was over the moon happy. Perhaps it was because he didn't know she was coming until she walked in the door. He loved the surprise.
Once again I was super proud of my little man and the work he had put into his books.
It does my mommy heart and my book lovers heart good.

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Beth-Anne said...

I LOVED the jungle mungle poem. It made me laugh. I'm not sure if it's the poem itself or just having Dominic read it to me. Also, ninjas fighting with toothbrushes is equally as funny to me. Even thinking about it now makes me smile to myself. He is hilarious =) It did my teacher heart good to have such a funny student/writer.