Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Blood, blood, and more blood

Today was a pretty rotten day for me. But I was trying my best to be cheerful and take the lumps as they came. 
Five meat sandwich to the vegetarian? No problem, I'll pick it off.
Disaster of a morning? No problem, it had some good points.
Son fell so completely into a mud puddle at school that he had to change his clothes? No problem, at least he wasn't hurt.
A house so messy that I'm deeply embarrassed for even my husband to see? No problem, I have all afternoon and evening to clean it.

But only moments after arriving home from picking up Dominic I hear that type of screaming that any mother recognizes and it stops her heart for a second. I find Caitlin looking slightly green and Dominic sitting on the ground holding his foot.

He had jumped onto the ground right on top of a rock. It has sliced into his foot very deeply and the blood was flowing. It covered him, me, the grass and I couldn't see a thing. I picked him up and got him into the carport so I could wash it off for a better look. It was deep. And it just wouldn't stop bleeding. I kept paper towels pressed to it, hoping it would stop. It just kept bleeding. My hands are red, the concrete is turning red, and Dominic is still screaming.

And this was when my cheerful left and my panic set in. I called our family doctor only to find out that she's not in the office. So I rush across town to the emergency care. The entire time Dominic is screaming his lungs out. Poor baby honestly thought all of his blood was going to come out and he was going to die. I'm sure the pain didn't help. 

Somehow we made it into the clinic. He was so afraid to quit pressing that towel to his foot that his fingers had turned white. I was so rattled that I dropped things, forgot where I kept my insurance card, couldn't remember birth dates, and handed the receptionist a SAM's membership card instead of a credit card.

Almost four hours later we were back home feeding a very dirty, tired, and sore little boy. No stitches because of location and type of wound. But he'll be limping for a while.

My heart has returned to normal and I think my cheerful is returning. It could have been so much worse and my panic could have made me a lot more stupid. As it was I just appeared scattered and slightly blond. =) Jon was already off work and was able to meet us there. And Dominic was almost thankful and definitely gleeful when he realized this would get him out of some of his more dreaded chores. 

So all is right in our house again!

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