Saturday, April 19, 2014

Round Up

Caitlin has been looking forward to going to school for quite some time. This year in March she was able to attend for half a day to check out the school. During this time the teachers evaluate the students to see if they are ready. This event was talked about weeks before.

The day before she picked out her clothes to match the uniform and helped me make her lunch. It was the first time in history that I didn't have to urge her to get up. Both kids were ready an hour before we were ready to go.
 I thought I'd explained the process several times to Caitlin. But we had one sad little girl on our hands when she realized that she had to wait until August to go back again. She absolutely LOVED it.

These next few pictures were taken sometime this month. I'm so proud of how big my baby girl is getting. But a part of me will miss this baby who has been at home with me for so long.

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