Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The ultimate parental goal!

Every child is destined to be embarrassed by their parents. Not to throw my mother under the bus, but she embarrassed me almost daily. It started when I was still in grade school and continues to this day.

It's sort of a right of passage, really. You know you've made it as a parent when your child flees from your presence in embarrassment. Every mother feels the heart clenching when her child refuses to hug her in public anymore.

But when the child is uncomfortable with us being us. Now that's funny!

Today my son asked me to make sure I didn't go into the school at drop off. He didn't want anyone to see my "creepy purple hair".* I about died laughing. Several of his friends had already commented on how cool it was. Coming from the child who sported a mohawk most of the summer last year, I truly didn't see this one coming.
But it's hilarious and I'm milking it for all it's worth. No parent worth their salt would miss this opportunity.

*The picture doesn't show how truly purple it is. I've had a couple of people not recognize me at first. So it's a bit out there. But still. . .creepy?!

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