Sunday, July 20, 2014

Held together with glue!

I honestly thought I'd blogged about this. But I've read back through the blog for a couple of months and can't find it. So pardon if you've read this before.

The other day I was snuggling with Caitlin on the couch. She's such a cuddle bug and I'm going to miss her like crazy when school starts. She's quickly loosing those adorable cheeks she was born with. But when she smiles you can see traces of them. 
Me - "Caitlin, I just love your cheeks. I think I'm going to take them and keep them forever."
Caitlin - "Ok. You can have them."
I acted like I was going to take them off.
Me - "I think they're stuck. I can't get them off."
Caitlin - "Yeah, they're glued on."
Me - "What in the world are they glued on with?"
Caitlin - "Gorilla glue."

I think I've let her watch too much HGTV. 

Speaking of TV. . .
My kids rarely watch cartoons. About the only time they see them is when it's raining or too hot and the babysitter lets them watch a few minutes after lunch. 
When I let the kids watch TV it's HGTV, DIY, or one of the cooking channels. Caitlin's favorite is "House Hunters" and Dominic's favorite is "Chopped". So you can imagine his delight when I received the Chopped cookbook to review. He's been pouring over that book almost as much as the Lego magazines he receives every month. I see some crazy cooking in our future.

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