Sunday, December 7, 2014

Caitlin's birthday

I honestly can't believe that my baby girl is six years old. It seems like just yesterday that I was rubbing her curly head in the hospital. She's grown into such a beautiful and precious young lady.
She is independent, smart, kind-hearted, and funny. Our family wouldn't be the same without her.
She's my little turtle and I love her so much.

She had been begging for an American girl doll for quite some time. But those dolls are outrageously expensive. She came to sit beside me while I was researching all of the 18' dolls out there and fell in love with a blond Madame Alexander doll. It was only slightly cheaper than the AG, but the reviews said it was just as good. Caitlin was extatic to open that box and see her "baby." She named her Brianna and calls her Bri.

Since this was a "party" year for Caitlin she asked that I bring cupcakes to the school. 
Her only request was that they have lady bugs on them.

We had a family celebration that night. Caitlin requested strawberry shortcake. We still don't have our island (waiting on butcher block that's on back order). So some of the kitchen things are still packed in boxes. I forgot to look for the candles until the last minute and then couldn't find them. Caitlin was fine with blowing out the large ones.
Uncle Jason and Aunt Kim came up and we went out to eat. Caitlin wasted no time in telling the waiter that it was her birthday.
Happy Birthday baby girl!

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