Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Chef in training

Dominic absolutely loves everything to do with cooking and baking. He loves watching the shows on tv and he loves the actual cooking part.

I've been slowly teaching him things like pancakes, grilled cheese, and spaghetti. But apparently I was not teaching him the cool stuff fast enough. He asked if he could create his own recipe.

He asked me a ton of questions relating to a pasta dish. Then he sat at the table and had Caitlin running around checking for grocery items so he could add the ones I didn't have to the grocery list.

This was his grocery list.

white sharp cheddar cheese

He had me be his sous chef and created this.
It's a White cheddar cheese sauce. I loved that he wanted two different types of pasta. I was skeptical, but it ended up working out. The recipe is a mixture of my answers to his questions and a recipe he found online. The only problem turned out to be us forgetting the spinach. But I think Daddy was a little happy about that. =)

That was last night. Tonight he had me teach him how to make quesadillas. He did great. Maybe I won't have to cook many meals in my future. =) Although he did mention at supper that he prefers baking to cooking. Guess he's just like me.

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