Wednesday, December 31, 2014


We had a rather laid back Christmas this year. I was blessed with having everything finished several weeks before and so was able to spend more time doing the fun stuff of the season.
We enjoyed each day of the Advent calendar, although we had to shuffle some things around since weather wasn't very accommodating for the two parades on the schedule.

We had our little decorating party and once again the weather wasn't cooperating. It was pouring and a bad thunderstorm went through right before everyone was supposed to come. But thankfully two brave moms ventured out so we still had some kids here to help us decorate our Christmas trees.

Our first Christmas was at Grammy and Gramps on Christmas Eve. 
One of the funnest things about presents is taking these two kids shopping. We'll give them a budget and who they are shopping for and let them go. Sometimes they are spot on with something the person would enjoy. But sometime they are so off the wall that it cracks us up. 
Gramps received one of those gifts. Dominic and Caitlin laughed for the entire week before Gramps unwrapped his gift. It was worth every penny just to see them so cracked up about it. =)

Our second celebration was Christmas morning at our house. We opened presents 
 I wasn't sure how to wrap this gift. So I just wrote this note and put it on top of some books we'd given him. It worked!
and then had our traditional cinnamon rolls. We still had green icing from the decoration party.

Our third celebration was the next day at Grandma and Grandpa's house.
We had a wonderful Christmas vacation and really enjoyed the relaxing time spent with family.

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