Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Toothpaste and Halloween

This morning I hear a little voice coming from the bathroom -
"Hmm, I have toothpaste all over the back of my shirt! I wonder how that happened?"

I waited until the dear boy had vacated the bathroom before going to inspect.
Toothpaste was ALL OVER the floor, on the tub and my towel BEHIND the area where he would have been standing. It was also in the usual places like the sink, counter, and toilet.

What in the world was that boy doing while he brushed his teeth? On second thought, I don't even want to know.


I received a text one morning from the principle at the kids school. In the text was this sweet photo telling me about how they were holding hands during chapel.


Caitlin had career day at school. When we talked about it she told me she was going to be a princess.
"Caitlin, a princess is not a career."
In a very offended voice I was informed that -
"Princess IS a job."
So I asked her teacher about how much leeway we had with the career. She told me Caitlin could wear her princess outfit and that could be the stay-at-home mom, since SAHM's wore every day clothes. That way those that wanted to be a mom could still dress up.
When Caitlin heard that she decided that she really wanted to be a vet. That way she could work with animals. "Mom, your job isn't very fun."
WELL. . . I enjoy it.

So here is my little vet.
 Apparently the camera inspired them to try out some jumping pictures.


We don't really do the door-to-door thing anymore. It's too much work for mom.
So we usually pick a church trunk or treat. This year we showed up at one at 7:15pm and they were packing up. Their website had said they ended at 9pm. Because everyone felt sorry for the kids they got a ton of candy, but not a lot of fun.

The next one we tried was super crowded, but they had a lot more fun with the games.

For some reason Dominic chose to forgo the outfit and only wore the helmet. ??


Caitlin and her best friends


Dominic and Caitlin have been attending a Lego club at one of the local libraries. But we showed up one day to find out that Lego club had been cancelled until further notice. The kids were heartbroken. So when we got home I gave Dominic a challenge just like he would have gotten during the club meeting. One of the challenges was I asked him to "make me a supper".
This is his version of macaroni and cheese with broccoli.

The club was cancelled because the old librarian quit. But they have a new librarian and she was sweet enough to start the club back up again. The kids were thrilled.


When we got our new kitties I cleaned up the indoor litter box for the kittens to use outside as a bed. Dominic climbed inside with both cats.


Dominic's teacher at school is approximately 6'4. Caitlin, for some reason, wanted to wear his jacket.
Just as a side note - My kids have the coolest teachers. How many people get sweet texts and pictures from their teachers. I love our little school!

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