Wednesday, August 8, 2012


My kids have been so excited to have their grandpa here for a week.
He came to help Jon get caught up on everything on his to-do list. Every night Jon comes in and works on projects before heading to bed. The list is never ending and there is always something interrupting us. So my sweet dad is here helping finish a few of the projects. I think the real reason he came was because of my kids though. =)

And they haven't disappointed. They've followed him around everywhere. I have no idea how much my dad will actually be able to get done, but my kids are in love with my dad so I'm okay with it.

Our pear tree drops a ton of pears each year and the insects get so bad under the tree that the kids can't swing on their swing for several months. So every day we go out and pick up pears and put them in the compost. I was working in the garden and Dominic was picking up pears. He kept complaining and whining and I looked up at him with one of those mom looks. 
He sighed and said -
"I know what Grandpa would say to me right now. Take it like a man!"
I responded with a "Well?"
"Okay, I'll take it like a man."
And he did. He quit complaining and finished the job.
Have I mentioned how much I'm enjoying having my dad here? ; )

Caitlin has prayed at EVERY. SINGLE. MEAL. (and at worship) thanking God that Grandpa is here. If it's Dominic's turn to pray she asks to pray too and adds that little prayer. Little bug is going to be one sad little girl next week when Grandpa goes home and Dominic starts school. I see some shopping and ice cream in our future.

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