Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thumb Party

I've been a bit reluctant to blog about Caitlin and her thumb. I kept blogging about Caitlin's success and fails in potty training for what seemed like forever. So I was afraid to mention her great progress in stopping her thumb sucking. What if she started again. Turns out I worried for nothing.

A couple of months ago I realized that her 4th birthday was fast approaching and her thumb was firmly planted in her mouth. I'd heard that if a child doesn't stop by their 4th birthday you should just give up until they reach their 5th birthday. Well, that wasn't going to happen.

So I bought a bottle of nail biting polish and started coating her thumbs several times a day. It was a bit rough the first several nights. She would put her thumb in her mouth and then the taste would wake her up. About a week later it looked like she wasn't even attempting to suck her thumb. I couldn't believe our luck. It was pitiful to see her upset about something and resting her little fist on her cheek for comfort. But it needed to be done and she came through like a trouper.

I had promised her several things if she would stop sucking her thumb.
I would buy the movie Tangled.
We would have a princess party.
I would buy her a princess or a Polly Pocket.
I completely forgot to take pictures during the party, but it was pretty low key.
I invited some little girl friends and let them play while we (the moms) talked.
Then we had cupcakes and snacks.
Caitlin thanked me several times for her party.
We are very, very proud of our little girl!

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