Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Dominic turned 6 yrs old on Friday. The kids only get a party every other year. This year was a no party year for Dominic. So I told Dominic he could pick where/what he wanted to eat, one friend to come over to play and what type of cake he wanted.

It was pure torture and I finally had to give him a deadline and not allow him to change his mind again after I'd called the mom. Poor kid just has too many friends.
He chose his friend Ryan. 
He chose IHOP as his restuarant and we had him open his gifts there so Jon could watch too.
 That night we ate cake. He had very specific instructions on what type of cake he wanted and even drew me a picture and brought me the animals he wanted on it.
 I had all of the ingredients, but failed to remember that fondant must be made the day before. So I convinced Dominic that butter cream would work just as well. He seemed happy with the results.
  My little boy is growing up so fast. I know that time flies, but I'm always amazed at the speed with which it flies between birthdays.

This is what happens when Grammy puts stickers in cards to Caitlin. She always sends the non-birthday child a card as well. This time it had stickers in it and Caitlin put every last one on her forehead.

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