Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Random moments

I found several pictures on my camera and so I thought I'd throw them all together in one post.
Call me lazy efficient.

We purchased another kayak and I thought it would be easier for me to try it out on a lake instead of a fast moving river. Since Dominic would be riding with me I wanted some still water to test our paddling skills together.

Dominic is a great little paddler. 
I was impressed.
What I was not impressed with were the large boats that caused enormous waves. Several times we had to turn into the waves abruptly to keep from tipping. It was not the calm I was expecting.
We went with several friends (I think about 9 boats in total) and one of the guys and his kids were almost run over by a boat. It was a bit stressful there for a second.

Caitlin and her Daddy.
She has the best seat in the house.
We ate at Blue Coast the other night and they had a face painter there.
Caitlin picked a princess design that the lady had in her book.
 Dominic wanted this specific design.
The lady kept asking him if he wanted something out of the book, but he was determined.
 My hair can be extremely wavy sometimes.
Sabbath morning I had a few flat spots so pulled out the curling iron.
Caitlin wanted to look just like Mommy.
 Isn't she precious?!
Jon keeps muttering comments along the lines of "If your Grandpa doesn't give me his gun, I'm going to have to buy one."

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