Saturday, December 8, 2012


Caitlin had a fun, but packed birthday.
Because she had gymnastics in the morning we met Jon for lunch.
Caitlin chose to eat at Cinco's because she remembered that hat she saw another person get to wear on their birthday. I'm sure it helped that she loves the food.
 Unfortunately when they came to sing to her, she was crying about something we had made her do. 
 Ice cream cheered her up though.
 But the sweet guys at Cinco's thought she needed a candy ring in addition to the ice cream.
 She then chose IHOP for supper.
She had requested a pink and purple cake. But I forgot until the night before and was rushing to try and get her gifts wrapped and cake made. So please ignore the lack of decorations or the skill level on the icing. I figured she wouldn't notice as long as it was pink and purple. Thankfully I was correct.
On another note - On Thursday I couldn't get Caitlin to come to the table to eat breakfast. So finally I went into her room to get her so we could take Dominic to school. She was sprawled out on her floor playing with her doll house and the Polly Pockets. I threw her into the car in pjs and no shoes. When we returned she headed straight for the bedroom to play again. Nothing I said could convince her to change her clothes or eat a thing. Since I was feeling pretty cruddy I left her alone and about 11:45am she came out asking for lunch. I convinced her to change before lunch or she would have spent the day in pjs. Every day she's spent at least a couple of hours playing in her room. Even Dominic is enjoying using his men to play with her. It was clearly the perfect gift for baby girl.

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