Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Marker Queen

Caitlin opened her gifts last night after we returned from the party. One of the gifts was this lovely princess dress. She loves it!
 A couple of gifts involved markers, crayons and coloring books. Perfect gifts for my budding artist. Today she sat coloring in her princess dress. It's rather puffy so I couldn't see her from my seat. But I did notice when she got up with an open marker and headed behind the chair. I called to her to come out and she began crying. It certainly wasn't something to cry about so I knew something was up.
She came around the corner with a very red arm. I stripped her down and we headed to the bathroom to remove her new sleeve.
I first tried soap and water. But it just wasn't all coming off. The list of ingredients that then went onto my daughter's arm in the attempt to rid her of red before pictures tomorrow is a bit embarrassing - magic eraser, alcohol, nail polish remover, toothpaste, regular soap, baby oil, canola oil, and sunscreen. None of them worked very well. Then I tried baking soda. That seemed to work the best, but had to be scrubbed on. Her arm was still a bit pink, but I wasn't sure if it was from the scrubbing or the marker. After a bit of a wait we confirmed that 99% of the marker is now gone. 

It's a mistake that, after that scrubbing, will probably not be made again. Baby girl was not thrilled that she'd lost her sleeve, but even less thrilled with the almost hour long bath on her arm. 

Update: I wrote this yesterday and this morning I found more marker on her legs that I had apparently missed in my dismay at her arm. Thankfully that can be covered up with pants. Because I'm letting it wear off on it's own.

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