Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas!

The kids were sweathearts and let us sleep in. When we woke up we opened gifts. Jon woke up sick so he took the pictures and I handed out the gifts. So not very many pictures, but the kids certainly didn't mind.
They are both wearing Angry Birds pjs. =)
I love it when I get a gift that I know is wanted and will be loved.
Dominic has been asking begging us for a DSi for quite some time.
 Poor Jon felt so bad.
 Caitlin beside one of her Christmas presents. A 3d puzzle from Thailand.
Notice her bow. She went around putting bows on us as the gifts were unwrapped.
 Dominic putting his Star Wars legos together.
 We gave Jon some Tylenol and he slept for most of the day.
I feel bad that I gave him my sick. Poor guy!
 It was a lazy, slow day. Some of us never got out of our pjs.
 And just like last year, I completely forgot the stockings.
Dominic's had a ds game in it so I wanted to open them later. So we had our traditional cinnamon rolls after opening presents. The kids went right back to playing and I started a book. Later that morning I remembered them.
 They make good socks.
Merry Christmas from the Murrell house. 
Even though some of us are still sick, we had a really great Christmas spent with family.

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