Monday, December 31, 2012

If I don't write something down it will soon slip from memory and a week later Jon and I will be trying to remember that funny thing one of the kids did and it's gone.

So here are some things I pulled from facebook or wrote down when it happened. 

Whenever Dominic uses correct table manners he calls it "eating fancy".

 The kids are reading a book on the body with Jon.
Dominic - "What is that?"
Jon - "It's fat cells."
Dominic - "Then where are the skinny cells?"


A couple of nights ago I watched Parent Trap with the kids for their first time. For the next several days Caitlin kept asking me to watch Trap the Grownups.
From Facebook -
Caitlin is learning the sounds of her ABCs. Today she chose to work on W and the first word she picked to go with the W sound was weapon. Me thinks Jon and I talked a bit too much about last night.
On another note - my cat ate half a bag of Cheetos. Do you think he's going to be sick?!

Caitlin just saw the ASPCA commercial and asked me to mute the tv so we could pray for the poor animals. Melted my heart!

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