Thursday, December 27, 2012

Opryland Hotel

When I was a teenager we would often go to the Opryland Hotel to see the lights. The kids loved it and come home exhausted. It's changed since I was a kid. There is more to see and it's geared more towards the kids now.
 (Photo credit: Kim Murrell)
 Throwing pennies into one of the many pools.
 I have the sweetest, cutest kids - EVER!
 This pose was Caitlin's idea.
Do I make my kids pose for pictures too much?
 And in case you think the entire time was spent making the kids pose for pictures,
these are from the Dreamworks Shrektacular show they put on.
The kids sat down near the stage and I sat up in the balcony. Mostly because the seats were more comfortable, but also so I could get some good pictures. I was thankful I did when the main dude picked people out of the audience to help him. Yikes!
 They really seemed to like our kids. They gave them cookies and talked to them several times before and during the show.
 During the show the kids were called on stage to dance with the dancers and movie characters.
My kids have no fear. You couldn't have paid me enough as a child (or an adult) to get up there and dance around. But my kids loved it.
 I love this hotel! Where else can you find a river, rainforest, fountains and a town inside a hotel?
 I don't remember Santa's old fashioned village from before. So either I have always missed it or it was new. Everything was "old timey".
Caitlin could barely fit into this car, but it didn't stop her.
 Dominic had an even more difficult time and gave up pretty quickly.
We had so much fun and the kids were exhausted after, which was a good thing.
Definitely a fun tradition.

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