Monday, April 6, 2015


I made the comment to my family last night that I had assumed that once the kids were past a certain age, that the funny and cute stuff they said would stop. Boy, was I ever wrong. Dominic keeps us in stitches. Some of it can't be written down because it's all in the manner or tone that he says it in. And other things are hard to explain without a novel length post explaining our family's inside jokes. But this kid keeps my face hurting from laughing.

He loves Legos. I've written about that before. But what I love about him is the creativity. He'll buy or ask for a kit because of the pieces that come in it. Upon receiving it, he'll make the kit in the box. Then he'll take it apart and make what he really wanted to make with the pieces.

This was a wedding that he designed. I was rather surprised to see the weapons involved. I asked him why the pastor officiating had a gun. He explained that it was a flair gun to shoot off fireworks when they were finally married. Now why didn't I think about that for my own wedding. =)
Dominic was having a really hard time keeping his room clean. It was so bad that it took us an entire day to get it back in order this last time. So I made a deal with him. If he could keep his room clean, to my standards, for 31 days (thus creating a habit), I would give him a Lego table. It's amazing what a little motivation can do. I also explained that he wouldn't be able to get the table right away since Daddy would have to build it. And if his room ever got messy again he'd lose the table for a week each time. He was amazing. So Jon finally built the table. Thankfully he had some scrap wood in the shop. So the only cost was the plates.
 Jon did an outstanding job. But it was torture for Dominic to wait. He was fine without legs, but Jon insisted. He didn't want it sanded, but Jon insisted. As soon as the plates were glued down he begged to bring it into his room. We told him that we had intended to stain or paint it and the glue needed to dry. But he couldn't wait another second. So we put Legos on the cracks to hold the pieces together and he began building his town. The entire month he was keeping his room clean he had a notebook that he would add ideas to about what buildings or creations he was going to make to put on this table. This boy is in heaven. It's been hard to get him outside to play, which isn't usually the case.
Dominic is at that wonderful stage that affection is gross. He loves giving hugs and will tolerate me giving him kisses as long as it's not in front of his friends. But other people showing affection is beyond disgusting. The other day we were talking about getting married and he said he wasn't going to kiss his bride when the preacher said he could. He was just going to shake her hand.
Me - "Dominic, what if your wife doesn't like that?'
Dominic - "I'm going to find a wife who doesn't like kissing, just like me."

He also has decided to have foster kids since he will be a great dad and he's heard horror stories about foster parents. The bonus is that he'll never have to touch his wife at all that way and can still have kids. Oh how his tune will change in a few years.

The kids love granola and since it is usually filled with sugar and not cheap I started making my own. I've taken my mom's recipe and adjusted it to fit our tastes. The kids eat a ton of it. And even though I make the equivalent of 3 boxes each time, I can't keep up with the demand. Dominic put this sign on the door going outside in hopes that it would remind me to refill the container.

I'm over the moon excited. We bought our lovely home, in part, because of the spacious back yard. But having to mow almost 2 acres every week or more gets old every year. So Jon decided that Dominic was old enough to mow. And the kid loves it. He begs to mow the lawn. We'll still need to use the weed-eater and trim some closer things, but hours have been added back to our week.
I love this boy!

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