Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter

We have a beautiful service at church and the teachers go all out in the Sabbath schools for Easter. But last year we had a bonfire instead of the usual egg hunt. So this year I just assumed the kids would rather do an activity instead of hunt eggs. Turns out I was wrong. So this morning I hid eggs. It's getting harder and harder to find things to go in those eggs that aren't filled with sugar or are so cheap that they get thrown away later today. Thank goodness for Legos and Matchbox cars. 

Dominic bought a disposable camera at school store on Friday. He's had so much fun taking pictures. He is able to use one of my point & shoots any time he wants. But I guess the appeal of having his very own camera won out.
 Getting ready to start. These kids see no need to dress up. 
They are dirty and mismatched. They were dressed up adorably yesterday for church. 
But did I remember to get a picture? No, of course not.
 Jon opted to go for a bike ride and miss all of the egg hunting fun. =)
 She fixed her hair this morning. She said it was "specially for Easter".
 Documenting the loot.
Happy Easter, everyone!

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