Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Someday. . .

About five years ago I saw a photograph of a little girl wearing her mother's wedding dress. I knew I wanted to do this with Caitlin. There is a story behind my dress, so it would be neat to have it incorporated into her wedding somehow. But that thing is so incredibly dated and stained that there is no way I'd let her wear it in her wedding. The idea is to have the photos of the little girl wearing her mother's dress and have them displayed at the wedding. The best of both worlds.

Caitlin had so much fun with this. 
I wasn't going to use the veil since the comb was broken and I had no way of attaching it to her hair. But we were able to use some bobby pins.
She wanted a bouquet of flowers. So I found some boutonnieres from my wedding that I'd saved and we put them all together.
It was a little disconcerting to see my baby girl in a wedding dress. She looked so beautiful and grown up. But she had so much fun that it was worth it to see her smiles. She didn't want to take the dress off when I finished.

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