Tuesday, April 7, 2015


We've been busy this spring and I just haven't taken as many pictures as I normally do.
So here is some of the things we've been doing this spring.

I went up to run the trail run at Fall Creek Falls again this year. We had intended to camp that weekend, but a combo of Jon being out of town all week and constant rain until Sunday morning prompted us to just drive down the day of the race. I've written about my racing experience on my personal blog, but thought I'd throw in some pictures here of the rest of the family.

It was rather soggy still so the kids got muddy. Leila (my niece) was there and it was fun to play on the playground and cheer for the runners.
 The kids ran a little ways with each of us (my cousin, dad, brother, and I) as we came close to the finish line. The pic below is of my brother.

I absolutely LOVE daffodils. So each spring I find a place that no one will notice if I steal some blooms and fill up a vase or two to keep in the house. I thought if I planted a ton it would work, but then I loved the view out my windows and so couldn't pick my own flowers. So Jon found a field, while out biking, that is not in view of anyone's home.

The kids had the entire program at church a couple of weeks ago. It was precious. They sang songs, had a skit for the children's story, and acted out the sermon. 
Caitlin was the princess in the story of Moses.
Dominic was an Israelite in the story of the plagues of Egypt.

We went to Blue Coast the other night and Caitlin had her face painted. She asked the lady for a blue lady bug. This was a couple of weeks ago and we are still finding glitter around the house.

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