Friday, April 24, 2015


Yesterday I subbed at the school so the teachers could enjoy a meal with their spouses. It was one of the pieces to their teacher appreciation week from the school board.

Usually I sub in Dominic's room. The older kids are fun and I enjoy being with them. But yesterday I was babysitting a little girl who will be in Kindergarten next year and she wanted to eat lunch with Caitlin. So I took that classroom instead. 

Oh my word! Those kids are hilarious.

We were sitting outside eating lunch. The following is a piece of the conversation.

Student A - Mrs. Caitlin's Mom? I can't remember your name.
Student B - It's Ms. Tima or Mrs. Murrell.
Student C - You're a really good mom.
Me - Thank you!
Student C - Because you don't bite.
Me - Uhm?!
Student A - Mrs. Caitlin's Mom, I'm really glad you don't bite. 
Student B - Because we'd have to put it on facebook.

By this time I was completely lost and confused. But laughing. What was the thought process that went into this conversation?

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