Sunday, July 31, 2011

Birthday Party

Today was filled full of sun, water, sugar, friends and fun.
Today was Dominic's birthday party.
I suggested that he choose five friends to come to his birthday party since he was going to be five. 
He was in agony. The poor little social butterfly just couldn't choose. 
So we decided to have a water park theme in the back yard. 
I didn't decorate, I didn't agonize over snacks, I didn't plan. 
There were bubbles for party favors and tons of water. 
The night before I made a ton of cupcakes and started a small cake.
Jon was in charge of making the bike chains for the cake.
This morning we set the tables up and finished the cake.
We hadn't used the spray gun before so we put down this huge tarp in case the over spray was bad. There wasn't ANY over spray. But at least we were prepared. =)
The finished product. Jon and I weren't super happy with several things about it, but it's only the 2nd fondant cake I've made and the 1st time either of us have sprayed anything. So it was pretty good considering. Dominic loved it and that is really what counts.
Dominic insisted on this number 5. I had the coolest candles picked out and he kept asking for the 5. It's his party so even if I didn't agree with him I let him ultimately choose.
If everyone who had been invited had been able to come we would have had approx. 55 people in our back yard. Since some people never rsp'd or waited until the day before/day of, I wasn't sure how many to plan for. But it worked out well. We had just the right amount of kids to make it a super fun afternoon. 

 This was the funnest attraction. I added a little bit of soap. =)
 The boys kept going further and further away to make a run for it.
Happy Birthday to a wonderful little guy!
This is actually the 2nd time he blew the candle out. 
I lit the first one and he blew it out before I could even pick up the camera.
At the end of the day Dominic said his feet hurt. I think he actually wore the skin right off playing so hard. It was a minimal fuss party, but one that the kids will remember for a very long time.

I'm so very, very proud of Dominic. But I've decided to write a separate post about it. Stay tuned.

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