Sunday, July 31, 2011

So Proud

Jon and I were talking to Dominic about his up-coming party. Jon made the comment that he wished we could do without the presents part. So Dominic asked if he could give the presents to kids who didn't have anything. We talked about it and decided to ask for money to give to ADRA
Today, instead of presents, people brought money to put in Dominic's ADRA jar.
After the party we counted the money and then got online to pick out how he wanted to use his money. He very carefully looked through everything and chose to give school desks and chairs to kids in Gambia and food to kids in Honduras. He was most excited about the desks and chairs. I think it felt more personal because he knows he's starting school next week and he felt so sorry for the kids who had to sit on the floor.
I am so proud of my little man. He chose to forgo presents so he could give. That warms my heart so much! I can't begin to tell him how very proud we are of him.

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