Friday, July 29, 2011

CRAZY Busy!!!

We have been so busy that I haven't had a chance to blog. I've been writing them in my head as we dash around, but that isn't helping them get on the computer. So here is a quick summary of why we are so crazy busy and a couple of pictures to tide you over until life slows down.
It will slow down, right?

We've been traveling quite a bit. I guess we thought we needed to cram a lot in before Dominic started school. 

We STILL don't have our flooring. They keep telling us "it will be here next week". So we've been getting a few other projects done, but I think we are all ready to be back to normal and not have hallways crammed with furniture and uneven floors.

Dominic's birthday party, school starting, school work bee, book reviews, ect. have also added to the busyness of life. But we are also cramming in some fun. I just haven't taken very many pictures.

Last week in church the kids asked for their boxes and I realized I'd forgotten them. So we went into the office and got some paper and crayons. Caitlin sat and colored the color pages (that the church provides for forgetful moms like me) while Dominic worked on his "schoolwork". This kid is so excited to be going to school that he wanted to start early. Almost every day he tries to convince Caitlin to play school with him. I just hope this enthusiasm lasts.
Here is a picture of one of his math sheets.

Caitlin was taking an extra long nap the other day and I went in to wake her up. 
I love it when they sleep this way.
She was so tired that even the flash going off several times didn't wake her up. She just rolled over.
Dominic yelled for me to come look at Caitlin's art work. The tone of his voice sounded a bit off and when I came into her bedroom I could see why. Caitlin had left the paper and continued up the wall. When she ran out of room on the wall she moved to her closet doors. Dominic isn't supposed to tattle, so he called it "art work" in hopes that I would come in and see what had happened. =)
Dominic was so sweet and helped me clean it off, even though he hadn't even been in the room when Caitlin was drawing.

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