Friday, July 22, 2011

What a day!

Yesterday was just one of those days.
It began to go downhill right after breakfast. I was at the bedroom end of the house and Dominic was in the bathroom near the laundry room. He came running out yelling that it smelled like smoke. I had begun to smell something myself and went to investigate. I finally figured out that the smell was coming from the breaker box, but beyond that was clueless. I haven't seen anything like this breaker box since the 100 year old house we lived in when I was in grade school.
It smelled so bad and it seemed a bit hazy in the laundry room. (Turns out it was my contacts that needed changing. Sigh!)
So I ushered the kids outside to play on the swing and called Jon. Now I'm not a really panicky person. Give me a snake, busted pipe, rabid bear and I can handle myself. Or at least will call Jon with some sense of calmness. But anything relating to fire and I lose my calmness. 
So Jon told me to calm down - he was headed home.

On another note -
Dominic realized what was going on and realized that if there was a fire he should probably hurry outside. But he was still in his pjs and didn't want to go outside like that. He had a moment of indecision and I told him it was okay to change first. I could hear him in his room. "Hurry, hurry. No time to match clothes. We don't want to die." And then Caitlin's little voice gleefully copying him "Hurry, hurry, we goin ta die."

Jon found this in the water heater box. So he replaced it, laughed at me and headed back to work. So glad I could provide some entertainment. But at least I know what to do when it happens again. Because it WILL happen again.

Next we head to Sam's to get the tires checked out. Our tires were down to the wear indicators. They had a little less than 40K and a warranty of 70K. They really needed to be replaced.
I ended up making 3 trips totaling over 3 hours to Sam's club with my kids before everything was straightened out. 
It was a stressful, crazy day with incompetence at both Sam's clubs (NC & TN). But I now have new tires on my car for quite a bit less than we'd budgeted. So in the end it worked out.

Other than spending portions of my entire day in a boring (for the kids) store, it was a good day! =)

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